Artist FAQs

How do I apply to The Commissioned Art Network?

To apply to be a featured artist on our site, please click here to fill out an application.

What does the application process entail?

Joining The Commissioned Art Network will take you about 10 minutes to complete our registration. Simply follow the link to Register Now. There you will be asked to answer some questions about your specific artistic skill set and you will be asked to upload some samples of your work. TCAN will review your registration and confirm your contact information. Then sit back and wait for TCAN to send you a commission request!

What if I don’t see a medium I use, a style preferred, etc.?

If your artwork preferences aren’t on the site you can add them or email us directly at support@thecommissionedartnetwork.com. We are always adding new categories of art and would love to hear from you.

What are the steps when I receive a Commission?
  1. Once you are selected to Commission a piece you will be notified via email and the Commission will be listed in your Account Profile. 
  2. If the information is incomplete, such as they selected “Unsure/Ask an Artist” as an option for Medium, you will receive additional feedback in the form of a Customer Feedback Questionnaire which will be sent to you.  This Questionnaire may involve questions specifically for you or ask for your personal feedback before a decision is made. 
  3. If all the information is provided before the Questionnaire is received and/or the Customer has provided you with all their answers you will begin the Commission.  You have 24 hours to accept the Commission after it has been finalized. 
  4. You will provide the Customer with a rough draft of what you propose to create. 
  5. After it is approved you can begin work and the timeline will start. 
  6. You will provide TCAN with weekly progress photos. 
  7. Once the piece is completed you will send a digital photo of the work to TCAN and to the customer for approval. 
  8. With their last approval and final confirmation from TCAN you will ship the finished piece to the Buyer. 
  9. Once you mark the Commission as Shipped the timeline will end. 
How do I get paid for my sales?

We pay 30-45 days after the client receives the artwork.  Currently money can be sent via PayPal or direct deposit whichever is your preference. 

What is the commission structure?

Our unique commission structure rewards you for finishing projects in a timely manner. With any given project you can earn 55% commission by finishing within 6 weeks.

  • up to 6 weeks: 55% to artist 
  • 6-8 weeks: 45% to artist 
  • 8-12 weeks: 25% to artist 
  • 12 weeks: order is cancelled 
How are the Commissions priced?

TCAN prices all the work offered on the site. You can use the Price Estimator to see our pricing structure. 

How do I report earnings to the Tax Department?

All our Artists are considered independent contractors and will receive a 1099 form for you to report earnings. You will be asked to fill out a 1099 form after your first commission and to return it to us. A record of sales will always be made available to you as well. 

Who is responsible for packaging, shipping, and insurance costs?

TCAN will reimburse the artist for all shipping, packing and insurance fees.

The artist will be responsible for getting the artwork to a courier and providing a tracking number to TCAN. It is recommended you have the courier pack the commission so the responsibility lies on them.

The artist will ship the artwork directly to the customer.

What happens if artwork is damaged in shipping?
The artist will ship the artwork directly to the customer.

Shipping with insurance for the full value of the artwork is mandatory and is covered by TCAN

What happens if the Customer doesn’t accept the work once they have received it?

If the Customer is unhappy with the commissioned piece the Customer may request that the piece be altered/updated or the customer may reject the piece entirely. If the piece is rejected by the Customer the Artist will receive a flat $100 payment. If the artwork has been mailed to the customer, the artist WILL still be reimbursed for agreed upon shipping costs. If the Customer has requested changes and the Artist has refused to make any alterations, the Artist has not been upfront about the progress of the commissioned work, or the Artist has misinterpreted their abilities to the point the commissioned work is clearly below average the Artist will not receive any payment and will be removed as a member of the network.

What if the Customer requests changes or add-ons that require extra costs?

You would need to contact us at support@thecommissionedartnetwork.com with the information that has been changed or added and the costs that they would entail if we are not already in the conversation. We would then discuss everything with the Customer and provide you with the decision that was reached. 

What if I can’t take on a Commission at a specific time?”

You have the ability to make your Account invisible to Customers so you will not receive any Commissions if you are not able to at a specific time.

What if I miss out on a Commission?”

If you miss confirming a deadline your Commission will most likely be taken up by another Artist. If you miss or turndown three Commissions we will need to deactivate your account, in which case you will need to contact us if you want it reactivated.

How do you market my artwork?

The community is marketed as a whole and not intended to focus on a single Artist.  We are very active in the local and surrounding art communities, attending local festivals and spreading the word of our community. We have a continually growing email list and social media presence.  We also of course help you grow out of your market with targeted ads and search engine optimization. 

What if I have more questions?

Please contact support@thecommissionedartnetwork.com with any questions/comments that aren’t answered above. If you are accepted onto our site you will receive a welcome email and will have the opportunity to speak with us as well.