Our community brings the Artist and Customer together.

Thank you for your interest in joining The Commissioned Art Network; our network of professional Artists.

The Commissioned Art Network (TCAN) is a community with the goal of bringing Artists and Customers together. Customers will use our custom search process to find the Artists that meet their needs. They can then commission the Artist of their choosing.

TCAN does the marketing and sales and lets you, the Artist, focus on the important stuff: the art itself! Below we have outlined some of the details of how TCAN will work for you. We hope you find this information useful. For additional detail you can refer to our Artist FAQs or email us with any questions at support@thecommissionedartnetwork.com.

How do I register?

Joining the The Commissioned Art Network will take you about 10 minutes to complete our registration. Simply follow the link to

Register Now

There you will be asked to answer some questions about your specific artistic skill set and you will be asked to upload some samples of your work. TCAN will review your registration and confirm your contact information. Then sit back and wait for TCAN to send you a commission request!

What is your commission process?

Customers will log onto the website and describe the type of artwork they are looking for; perhaps a portrait of their cat in oil on canvas.

TCAN will match the Customer requirements to the Artists’ skill set and create a list of Artists meeting the Customer needs.

The Customer may review the Artists’ portfolios and will then select an Artist.

For a detailed description of the entire process please refer to Our Process

How do I get paid and how much?

TCAN sets the price for each commissioned work. Commissions to the Artists are calculated as 55% of the revenue. Our average piece of artwork cost between $800-1,000 depending on size, medium and other specifications. Given this range, an artist would expect to earn a commission of $440 – $550. Please note that certain stipulations do apply such as meeting specific deadlines. More information on commission rates can be found on the Artist FAQs Page. For each commission you, the artist, will receive an email outlining the details of the commission as well as the commission you will receive. You will have 12 hours to review the email and either accept or reject the commission. Once the commission is completed and received by the Customer, TCAN’s payroll company will issue you a check. TCAN’s payroll company will also send you a 1099 form at the end of the year for your taxes.

Additional information on the process can be found on the Artist FAQ page or you can email any
questions to us at support@thecommissionedartnetwork.com.

Otherwise, if you are ready to register as a TCAN Artist, please click

Register Now

Welcome to The Commissioned Art Network!