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Florence Beauredon

About the Artist

Originally from the South of France, Florence Beauredon has landed in Atlanta for 15 years. Her soul knew that was the place where she was meant to be, in order to meaningfully express her Art and the messages behind it…
With a passion for Freedom of expression, honesty and denouncing injustices and oppression, she has been combining the themes of Black awareness, hidden history, Black women & men empowerment, etc. using her paintbrushes as a whistle blower, a motivation for further research, an inspiration for self-worth.
Her pieces are usually raw and symbolic, more than detailed with specific technique, using mainly acrylic paint and mixed media, choosing wood panels over canvas, combining fabrics, various objects to complete her paintings.
Convinced that visualization speaks easier and louder than words, she uses her art as an activism tool, in the hope of planting seeds, empower people and reveal hidden information about their glorious history.
“Filled with a deep-seated spirit to fight untold injustices of the struggles of people of color, Flo has devoted her life and art to uplifting an entire race of people, one brush stroke at a time…” (Sheila Anderson, writer & biographer)

Sample Commissioned Work

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