Our Process

Connecting with an Artist and receiving your custom artwork couldn’t be easier.

  1. You can learn more about our site on Customer Information Page
  2. When you are ready select “Find Your Artist Now
  3. At this stage, to make sure any selections you make are saved, you will be asked to login or register.
  4. The TCAN Art Wizard will walk you through seven simple steps to collect all the details we need in order to create your masterpiece.
  5. Answer the questions in the Wizard about your commission request (select “Unsure/Ask an Artist” anywhere you need additional information).
    1. If you select “Unsure/Ask an Artist” for any option we will contact you as soon as you submit your request and we’ll clear up any questions before collecting any payment.
  6. The Wizard will show you all the Artists in our network that meet your needs for this project based on the answers you provided.
  7. Review the available Artists and select the Artist you feel best meets your needs and matches your style.
  8. Once you have completed the above steps you can review your Estimated costs by selecting “Submit for Estimated Costs”.
  9. If happy with options you can continue by “Select this Artist for my Commission”. – You will not be charged at this time.
  10. Upload your image(s) and share any additional details about the project.
  11. Once complete select “Submit for Review”. – You will not be charged at this time.
  12. At this stage we will review your Commission request with the Artist you have chosen. We will contact you in regards to any questions you had and see if you have any additional questions or additions.
  13. Once the Commission, Costs, and Timeline are agreed upon between you and the Artist we will send you a confirmation. Here you can accept the proposal and pay the agreed upon Commission price.
  14. Your Artist will begin work.
  15. Once complete we will make final confirmations and ship your Commission to you.