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Celia Nelson

About the Artist

Born and raised in Western, NY, Celia Nelson grew up with a passion for music. In her early years, she learned to play a variety of instruments, and participated in a stringed orchestra. This early love for music gave her a natural appreciation for all forms of art, and it is this love that made her pursue visual arts as a means of expression. Relocating to the Central Savannah River area of South Carolina gave her an insight into the beauty of nature as well as history and how it shapes our everyday lives.
Celia Nelson currently attends Academy of Art University, and is studying under some of the country’s most prestigious artists through the school. Here she is honing her skills in drawing and painting as well as gaining more knowledge into how art shapes the world. She is extremely active in her community and is always up for a new artistic challenge. Celia is currently pursuing commissions in portraiture; she loves how drawing a person can give you so much of an understanding about them.
After graduating, Celia Nelson plans to pursue her dream of freelancing. She has a passion for depicting the mundane in a new light of appreciation. There are so many little things people encounter on a day-to-day basis and don’t give a second thought about. It is her goal to portray these things in a way that shows their true value; for without these things, we would not have the lives we do today.

Sample Commissioned Work

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